SQL Injection in Terminal MCC Group feature of SmartVista SVFE2 version 2.2.22 (CVE-2022-38619)


Exploit Title: SQL Injection in Terminal Tariff Group feature of SmartVista SVFE2 version 2.2.22
Date: 26/07/2022
Exploit Author: Trong Pham aka Dtro of VietSunshine Cyber Security Services
Vendor Homepage: https://www.bpcbt.com/
Affected Version(s): SmartVista SVFE2 version 2.2.22
Description: SmartVista SVFE2 version 2.2.22 and earlier are affected by an SQL Injection vulnerability. An authenticated users could inject SQL query to "UserForm:j_id90" parameter in /SVFE2/pages/feegroups/mcc_group.jsf to dump all databases.
Steps to reproduce:
  • An attacker requires an account on the SmartVista SVFE2. An attacker can use a quote character to break query string and inject sql payload to "UserForm:j_id90" parameter in /SVFE2/pages/feegroups/mcc_group.jsf. Response data could help an attacker identify whether an injected SQL query is correct or not.
  • Example of injecting SQL to "UserForm:j_id90" parameter
    • 'or '1%' LIKE '1 -> Correct query -> Return all rows in current table
    • 'or '1%' LIKE '0 -> Wrong query -> Return 0 row